Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Love You Like Salt

Not many people remember this story. It’s buried in many books you’d have to read when you’re young in order to develop comprehension. Somehow this short story stuck with me up until today. I think it may have been entitled “The Princess and The Salt.”

There was a king who celebrated his birthday. His three daughters had prepared presents, and in front of the whole kingdom, presented their gifts one by one, to show the King how much they loved them.


The eldest daughter provided diamonds. “To you Father, I present you precious diamonds!” The king was pleased. The next daughter came next. “To you Father, I present you gold!” The king was delighted. He wondered what his youngest daughter was going to offer him.

And it was the youngest daughter’s turn.

“To you Father, I present you … all the salt of all the kingdom.”

The King was aghast! He started speaking. “Your sisters gave me diamonds, and gold. You in turn give me such a simple gift making me doubt your love for me.”

“But Father! Don’t you see? I love you like salt, I –“ But the King silenced her. And expressed his disappointment. The young princess felt so hurt, she asked the palace and the kingdom to throw away their salt, for apparently, it meant nothing to the King. She wept and ran back inside the palace.

After the presentation of the gifts, a banquet was prepared, and they began celebrating and feasting in a long table full of food. When everyone began eating, they wondered why the food tasted funny. The King took a bite, and wondered what was wrong with the food. Why didn’t it have flavor? Was it spoiled? Worried, he called the cook and asked why the food wasn’t good.

The cook replied, “But your Majesty, your youngest daughter asked all the salt she gave you as gift to be thrown away after you had dismissed it … Sadly without it, our food will never taste good again…” Suddenly, the King realized what a big mistake it was to dismiss the salt. And realized what his daughter was trying to tell him. So the King called for his daughter to apologize.

When the youngest daughter met face to face with her father, the King said he was sorry. That he didn’t understand what she meant at first … but now he does.

“Don’t you see Father, my love for you is like salt… People cannot eat the food prepared without it.” Said the daughter. And The King realized suddenly, “Oh how wise my youngest daughter is, to liken her love to me with salt… thank you for loving me in such a big, important way. Now I realize how something so small could be so important…”

To this day, I’m not sure if anyone would remember this story. I’m not sure if I even got the story right. The point is that we shouldn’t dismiss anything because we think it’s worthless. It might be of a certain value that you may not have taken into account unless it’s gone.

And to you B, I love you like salt. You make my life taste good. And I hope you this story, because sometimes you forget!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Everyone will be WORLD famous. For 15 minutes.

Okay, I sit here thinking.

I’m not entirely sure why I keep deleting what I write. But I get like this from time to time. In the spirit of sharing things, let me pen down a few thoughts.

Someone we know passed away. I’m not very close with this person. But he’s a few years older than me, and has become a prominent name compared to most of us regular mediocre folk. What a sad way to go for someone in their prime. Everyone keeps saying “gone too soon,” and really, there’s no way to put it but that. It’s true.

I know of some less deserving to continue to live. Those who’ve continuously made poor choices for themselves and rely on others to patch things up, in my eyes, don’t deserve to breathe any further. But I may be too harsh. There are those who live their lives not caring who they step on for their own short, insignificant victories. I feel like those people don’t deserve to live too. But again, I may be too harsh. Who am I to decide who lives or not?

I consider the world outside as a metaphor. People’s lives can serve to be an inspiration, or a warning. People’s lives can serve as something to strive to be, or something to avoid at all costs. And in my life, I can’t say many have lived a life of greatness. To know of someone who’ve lived an awesome life and to find out they’ve ceased to live feels like the quintessential fact that life is not fair.

What a sad way to go. But what a great way to have lived that life, no matter how short…

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day Old Bread

We can’t always do what we used to do as we grow older, I suppose.

notaroseIn a way, I’m happy that my life is fulfilled. Sure I wish I could do more, but I’m happy to have already done a bunch of stuff – no matter how trivial – because time won’t allow you do to a bunch of things for long.

Last year’s Labor Day weekend was fully maximized. Booze, party, sun, sex, sand. I got my fix and had a great time to boot.

This year though was plagued with complications. First, it was a really awkward plane ride. Shot my libido out the window, from a high altitude for that matter, with no parachute. Saved a little by the opulence of the comfort of where we were staying.

Second, my body couldn’t catch up with all the parties. I think I’m aging. Rather rapidly. My mind wanted to party, by my old, deprecated body couldn’t catch up. Drunk at 11pm and fevering before going to bed every single night feels like an awful old guy waiting to happen.

Ultimately, it was a great trip. I loved every minute of it. Because no matter how awful a flight could be, or how bad my fever turned out to be, I have a boyfriend I love and loves me back insanely. And wherever we may be or however pissed off I feel, I can always lean onto my rock who feels like will always be there whenever I need him.

I may be day old bread, but I feel young every bit of the way.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I can smell it. Each day I wake up: I feel like I’m still in a dream. My entire 20s akin to a sunset. My emotions, like a wave of tsunami no one can stop. When something inevitable is about to happen, the wait move in slow-motion pace. You want to rip your hair out, you want to scream, you contract your body and remember to breathe. There’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.


My Turning Thirties friends share the same sentiment. You think about the last decade and wonder if you could have done better. Then you realize the fact that you did everything you had to do and could do at the time. Then in all of the thinking you’re doing, it just wants you to take a nap.

At some point you’d feel like a zombie. Buried six feet under by time. I wonder what kind of breath of life I’ll need to resuscitate me.