Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's been a long year.

We lost money. A cellphone. We lost money again. And we lost money some more. There were fun trips here and there. I had a great birthday. Friends disbanded. Friends regrouped. New comes came in. Old ones went out.

We hold dear the relationships we still have until today.

Some people have really settled abroad. While others kept working on making bigger, better products. We left synthetic behind and started doing leather. Cut the brand in two for girls and boys. Some co-workers left. Some new ones came in. Others moved on. Others stayed.

But sometimes even distance doesn’t matter.

New things opened up. Some things stayed the same. Some relationships became better. Some just trudged on. People changed. Some evolved. Some devolved. Some I’m happy I’m not involved. There was a car accident. And there was another one on Christmas night itself.

Then there was a wedding. And another one. In-between, I became Lady Gaga, even just for a night. Eventually the money we lost somehow found it's way back, and then some. And in a few days, we'll be capping it off to toast the sunset abroad before the new year. There were endless sleepless nights. Zombified but alive. But one things' for sure,

2013 was an awesome year!


Xai Losito said...

i agree that this year has been great for you guys! <3